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Pressure Measurement
Our huge collection of Pressure Measurement instruments is reckoned for its ergonomic look and high performance. Application of these instruments can be noticed in various industries that include coal gas refinery, paper production, power generation plants and so on. Design and mechanism of these Pressure Measurement instruments vary as per their models. Simple to install, these instruments adopt FST monosilicon MEMs chip. These are acknowledged for their over voltage protection function, precise temperature compensation performance, power overload protection capacity and compatibility with different working conditions. These Pressure Measurement instruments can be used for non corrosive, non abrasive and also for abrasive and corrosive materials.
Liquid Measurement
This array of Liquid Measurement instruments is required for assessing precise level of corrosive liquid. Application of these instruments can be noticed in metallurgy, building automation and water supplying units.
Temperature Measurement
This array of Temperature Measurement instruments is reckoned for its excellent thermal resistant attributes, unique pressure resistant capacity and user friendly mechanism. These products have up to 1300 degree C measurement range. Armor or spring of these instruments can be adjusted as per application needs. These require 10 to 30 VDC power supply. Temperature Measurement instruments are compatible with 316L stainless steel. These can be inserted 6 inch to 9 inch length range. Offered instruments have 5 mm to 15 mm long tip and these use two pin or three pin connector. We offer these products at reasonable price range.
Civil Engineering
This array of Civil Engineering machine parts is appreciated for its high precision level and IP65 protection rating. These standard grade components can be operated at maximum 125 degree C temperature.
Flow Measurement
Application of these Flow Measurement instruments can be noticed in steel plants, petrochemical and electric power generation industries. These systems can be used for direct measurement of gases, fluids and steam. Simple to install, these Flow Measurement instruments are completely flame protected. These precisely developed measurement solutions skillfully combine pressure, temperature and differential pressure. These adopt multi function monitoring technology. Several versions of these products have sealed structure with cylinder like appearance. Standard of these products has been verified on the basis of their diameter, longevity, service life, installation method and strength. Customers can avail these products in different specifications.
High Quality Monosilicon Pressure Sensor
This array of High Quality Monosilicon Pressure Sensors is acknowledged for built in temperature compensation arrangement, zero calibration based mechanism and utilization of intelligent sensor. High precision and stable operation are their key aspects.
Wheel & Axle Weighing System
This array of Wheel & Axle Weighing Systems can be used under severe working environment. Light in weight, these equipments are useful to avoid force impact caused by wheels of automobiles.

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